I live and work in Worcestershire, UK

My practice is an exploration of bioscience and the interactions between humans, animals and plants.

I am interested in our current relationship with the natural world which I feel much more connected with since moving from the city into a more rural location.

I like to emulate the sense of awe and wonder associated with the cabinets of curiosities that were first established in the seventeenth century in an attempt to categorise and tell stories about the wonders of the natural world and offering a strange link between ancient myth and scientific reality.


2006 M.A. (Distinction) Fine Art, Birmingham City University

2005 B.A. (First Class Hons.) Fine Art, Birmingham City University

Awards and Residencies

2017-18 Arts Council Funded Project ‘Portrait of an Alternative Anatomy’

2016 Shortlisted for Ruskin Drawing Prize

2015 Shortlisted for Shoosmith Art Prize

2014 Shortlisted for Shoosmith Art Prize

2014 Residency at Croome Court, Worcester

2010 Residency at mac-lab, Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham

2009 Arts Council Funded Residency at The Rea Garden, Birmingham

2008-9 Artist at Birmingham City University with AA2A (Artist Access to Art Colleges)

2008 Shortlisted for Jerwood Drawing Prize

2006 NOMADS Travel Bursary Award, Vivid, Birmingham

2006 Rhubarb Festival Bursary Award (Photography), Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham

2005 Louisa Anne Ryland Scholarship Travel Bursary, Birmingham City University

2003 The Whitworth Wallace Marine Painting Prize Gold Medal, Birmingham City University


**solo exhibition

*2 person exhibition

2018 ** ‘Awe and Wonder’, Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, Nuneaton (Nov/Dec 2018)
2018 ** ‘Fragile’, Number 8 Gallery, Pershore

2017 * ‘Fore*shad*ow’, Showcase Gallery, Birmingham

2017 Number 8 Open Exhibition, Pershore

2017 The Big Sleuth, Birmingham

2017 ‘The Art of Caring’, Kingston On Thames and St Pancras Hospital, London

2017 International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

2016 ‘Fore*shad*ow’, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2016 ‘The John Ruskin Prize 2015 Recording Britain Now: Society’, Walsall and London

2016 Number 8 Open Exhibition, Pershore

2016 ‘Art and Architecture Trail’, Wirksworth Art Festival

2016 ‘The Art of Caring’, Kingston On Thames and St Pancras Hospital, London

2016 Open All Media, RBSA, Birmingham

2015 Shoosmith’s Art Prize Exhibition, Milton Keynes

2015 ‘The Big Hoot’, Birmingham

2015 ‘The Art of Caring’, Kingston upon Thames

2015 London Group Draw 2, Cello Factory, London

2014 to present *‘A Sign of the Times’ Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

2014 Shoosmith’s Art Prize Exhibition, Milton Keynes

2014 ‘fab fridge’, Fringe Arts festival, Bath

2014 Soul to Sole, Croome Court, Worcestershire

2014 West Midlands Open 2014, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

2013 * ‘A Sign of the Times’, Midland Art Centre, Birmingham

2013 * ‘Sha*dow’, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2013 ‘Lab Film Festival”, London

2013 Flatpack Festival, Birmingham

2013 ‘Cabinet of Curiosities, Room of Wonder’ Borough Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent

2012 ** ‘i have glimpsed the future’, Aedas Presents, Birmingham

2012 * ‘Other Places’, Bilston

2012 ‘Ambrosia’, Projection Gallery, London

2012 Flatpack Festival, Birmingham

2012 ‘Boeing Way to Gas Street’ Departure Foundation in Birmingham

2011 **‘i am not myself’, VINYL, Birmingham

2011 ‘The Invitation’, Propeller island 6, Stockholm

2011 ‘See Hear’, Midland Art Centre, Birmingham

2011 ‘Throw the Switches’, TROVE, Birmingham

2010 Flip Animation Festival, Wolverhampton

2010 ‘A site of no special interest’, Solihull

2010 ‘RE:animate’, oriel davies, Wales and Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2010 ‘Lust’ Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Canada

2010 The Big M (ISIS Arts and AND Festival), Preston, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2010 ‘Birmingham Open’, Birmingham

2010 ‘Screening 1′, The Public, West Bromwich

2009 ‘Endless Descent’, Birmingham

2009 ‘CREAM’, Tokyo

2009 London Group Open, Menier Gallery, London

2009 Abandon Normal Devices, FACT, Liverpool

2009 * ‘Unnatural Selection’, Birmingham

2009 ‘Art of Ideas’, Birmingham

2009 ‘Cut to the Chase’, Southampton

2009 Lumen Evolution Festival, Leeds

2009 ‘Tickle Attack’, Lodz, Poland and Dudelange, Luxembourg

2009 Flatpack Festival, Birmingham

2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition, London

2008 ‘The Mirror Stage’, NeMe/IMCA, Cyprus

2008 ‘Backlight 08′, Florence, Vienna and Finland

2008 ‘Goods In’, Birmingham

2008 ‘Through The Lens, RWA, Bristol

2008 ‘One Night Stand’ Crowd6, Birmingham

2008 ‘MoveMe’, Rainbird Gallery and selected tube stations, London

2008 ‘Going Underground’, Berlin

2007 London Group Open, Menier Gallery, London

2007 cinem@tic, Birmingham

2007 ‘Akureyrar Vaka 2007′, galleriBOX, Akureyi, Iceland

2007 ‘Project’, The Griffin, London

2007 ‘Action’, The Projection Gallery at V22 Gallery, London

2007 ‘The Light Sale’, Birmingham

2007 Open 2007, Leamington Spa, Warks.

2007 ‘blank expression’, Zion Arts Centre, Manchester

2007 ‘The Orange Box’, New Generation Arts, Birmingham

2007 ‘The Perfect Real’, C.C.A., Glasgow and King St Arts Centre, Belfast

2007 New Art Birmingham, Birmingham

2006 ’60 Second Surreal’, Hayward Gallery, London

2006 ‘oneminutevideos’, BizArt Gallery, Shanghai, China

2006 ‘Genius Loci’, 8th Int. Festival of Artistic Photography, Athens, Greece

2006 ‘pushpull’, MA Show, U.C.E., Birmingham

2006 ‘Active Imagination’, International Project Space, Birmingham

2006 ‘What do people do all day?’, Mail Box, Birmingham

2006 ‘154 Open’, RWA, Bristol

2006 ‘New Generation Arts’, Various locations in Birmingham

2006 ‘Temporary Asylum’, Works Gallery, Birmingham

2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art Show, U.C.E., Birmingham

2005 ‘Illusion’, City Space, Birmingham

2005 ‘Sefton Open’, Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport

2005 ‘All at once, together, at the same time’, Colony, Birmingham

2005 ‘AnimalVegetableMineral’, Periscope, Birmingham

2004 ‘152 Autumn Open’, RWA, Bristol

2004 ‘Cheltenham Open’, Pittville Gallery, Cheltenham

2004 ‘Reel 2′, Periscope, Birmingham

2004 ‘Threshold’, Harborne, Birmingham

2003 ‘Religion, Art and War’, Salon des Arts, London