‘enough to see but not enough to see by’ a 20 page A4 zine


A 20 page A4 zine produced in collaboration with Richard Nicholls, fellow artist and photographer.

We’ve taken inspiration from ‘House of Leaves’ (Mark Z Danielewski, 2000) which was also used as the starting point for one of our previous collaborative projects which was shown as part of the ESPY Photographic Awards in 2019.

The zine contains our photographs alongside phrases taken from ‘House of Leaves’ – a novel with no clear singular meaning and which Danielewski has largely avoided giving a set interpretation of the text. This forces readers to walk away with their own conclusions/interpretations, and this is ours.

A zine, being short for magazine or fanzine, is a self-published, limited run publication; traditionally hand-made and reproduced on a copy machine, although these days are often commercially printed, albeit still in small numbers and with the same non-commercial DIY philosophy.

The zine is an edition of 60, each copy is numbered and printed on recycled paper.  Each zine costs £7 which includes free shipping to UK addresses. please get in touch for shipping to rest of the world.