Unnatural Selection


Based on his discovery of the comet orchid and its need for a specialist pollinator, Darwin predicted the existence of a moth 40 years before it was discovered. 150 years later, Kettlewell carried out experiments exploring ‘evolution in action’ with relation to the peppered moth and the industrial revolution. Today the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in USA is developing cyborg moths to use for surveillance and military activity. The discovery of genes and DNA has opened up many previously hidden aspects of life. These formed the basis of the unnatural selection residency at Rea Garden, Birmingham, UK and subsequent work.

Text Installations

Endless Descent

Site specific installation (text and video)

The quotes are from House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewsi

Video works

Soul to Sole

I was a creative resident at Croome Court, a National Trust property in Worcestershire.

The brief was to encapsulate a character that had lived there within a pair of shoes.

I made a cast of the inside of a pair of shoes similar to those worn by Alan Dower Blumlein who was the inventor of H2S radar. He died at RAF Defford ( at Croome Court) in a tragic accident in 1942.

The resin cast shows the space that is usually unseen, so as with radar, the invisible becomes visible.