Embellishing the ladies

I usually use gold metal leaf if I want to add or highlight parts of my cyanotype image. the gold contrasts really well with the blue and stands up to the white background well. However, sometimes I want to emphasise a thin line or a small detail and so I bought myself a bottle of gold pigment ink and a variety of dipping nibs from Cornelissen¬†who were incredibly helpful on the phone. I thoroughly recommend them. I have added gold ink detail to 4 of the naturalist women cyanotypes as an experiment but I like it and I have had positive feedback the two I posted on my instagram yesterday. So I have added ink to another 2 today. And very coincidently it is ‘inktober‘ – here’s the link so that you can find out about it and maybe even have ago yourself. Anything inky is acceptable. I think. You may have to read the rules. Post it on instagram and see what people think.