Fields of Blue and Gold

Well this is another blog post about another blog post AGAIN! Don’t worry, this won’t be a habit. It’s just so lovely when other people write positive things about your work. Ruth Millington wrote about 2 series of cyanotypes that I have available to buy with SUPAgallery in her blog series on ‘art for sale: artists in focus’. ‘Under the Sun’ is a series of work which celebrates the beauty and fragility of wild flower meadows which are in rapid decline in the UK. ‘The Naturalists’ is a series of cyanotypes that celebrate women who are at the forefront of promoting the environmental revolution by working with conservation projects preserving flora and fauna.

Fields of Blue and Gold can be read here


The metal gold leaf is applied to the cyanotype once it has dried. It’s quite a fiddly process but I love the result. I used it in these images about meadows to emphasise how precious meadowland is in the UK now. There are quite a few articles about the loss of meadows as we are becoming more aware of the environmental impact man and his habits are having on the earth. is a good place to start to understand the reasons that they have declined and the importance of trying to restore them.

I am really lucky to live near a small historic meadow which is still managed using old equipment such as scythes. It is a pleasure to walk through at any time of year, but especially so in the summer when the wild flowers are abundant.