Shadows of the Sun

This blog post is about another blog post! The lovely Karen Parker of Intersilient wrote about my solo exhibition called Shadows of the Sun which opened at the end of February at The Coach House Gallery in Winterbourne Gardens, Part of the University of Birmingham. It had to close early because of covid-19 but luckily Karen went before it closed so that you can read all about it here:

Shadows of the Sun by Anne Guest

or if you prefer you can look at this cyanotype image that was part of the exhibition instead. (Please do both)

Little Solace (cyanotype on paper)

Although I have been making cyanotype images for a couple of years now, this is the first time I have had an exhibition comprising only cyanotype images. It was a great way of pushing myself to make new work and explore the medium further. And I loved the experience.

I appreciate some of you may not know what the cyanotype process is or what it involves but fear not – I will give you a brief description now and will do a more detailed blog post (with pictures!) soon.

The cyanotype is a camera less photographic print where light sensitive chemicals are applied to a surface (usually paper but can be fabric, wood, glass) and allowed to dry before placing objects or a negative image on the surface and exposing to ultraviolet light (the sun) for several minutes upwards. They are also known as blueprints because of their colour.